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 Knowledge is Power 

Precision is Key

Time is of the Essence

Your peace of mind and strategic gain

Win every time with our unique, proven profiling and prediction methodology.




[ Investigation ]

Your Private Investigator or ours, we will guide them like a lazer missile.


[ Geopolitics ]


From natural disasters to international conflict and the stock markets, we have information unavailable elsewhere.


[ Negotiation ]

Know more about your counterpart than they know about themselves. Outmanoever adversaries or strike a sterling deal with collaborators.

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[ Personal Matters ]

We advise some of the world's most exclusive matching agencies. We'd be happy to advise you too. Live your life with the insight of a King or Queen.

[ Insight for Legal Professionals ]

From profiling and precisely predicting cases to opponents, court proceedings, outcomes and judgments, we'd love to be on your team. We also have our own in-house legal counsel.

[ Talent Acquisition ]


Know everything about your short list, or have us find your perfect match.

Strategic input from Steven Frampton and his colleagues is an imperative for any corporation or leader.

Precise and timed guidance from Steven Frampton Consulting unlocks tremendous value and results otherwise unattainable...

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